Our Concepts

Harmony within Diversity




Our collection of work is highly diverse.

Architecture responds to the environment. The environment surrounding each architectural work has its own unique personality. One-of-a-kind architectural works are situated in unique sites, whose context and conditions are varied. Therefore, to address such a situation, an architectural work will be created with a variety of expressions. Our design process and solution approach are based on a consistent concept in any project. Each one of our works must be a unique work and, at the same time, be in harmony with its surrounding environment.

Integration of Light, Space, and Structural Systems



Space is created by “light”. It projects from the sky and is captured on walls creating a rich expression. The structure and its system add a discipline of intelligence to the expressions.

Humanism and Rationalism

(Compositional Design Elements)



Architecture is also like a life form. The organic beauty of the human body, its proportions, and logical compositional order based on human reason. Every element of architecture should be ordered within the principle of such humanism.

Logical and Systematic Planning Methods


建築の発想は論理的かつ段階的に展開されるものです。計画においては常にシステムの存在を大切にします。複雑な課題も、実証的な問題解決の手法を用い、合理的かつ科学的プロセスを経て、明快に解くことで 使いやすく、美しい計画とします。

Architectural ideas should be developed in a logical and stepwise process. We place value on the existence of the system in planning. By providing clear solutions in a rational and scientific process, we refine complex tasks for functional and beautiful planning using evidence-based solutions.

Addressing Environmental and Sustainability Issues



We value the harmony with the surrounding environment, aiming for the architecture to be gently inserted into the context. With innovative technology, we also keep in mind that all projects should be earth-friendly and have sustainable plans that aim at a low-carbon society.

Designing Relationships with Local Features, History, and Culture



When considering the architectural design, we do not only think about the building itself. Instead, we always look at the image of the entire region and the future of the city as a whole; then, we advance the plan by considering the position within that. In creating a new community, we believe it is important to understand the relationships of the building and its surroundings, people’s lives, culture, history, and the local features as well as how they interact and influence each other, which is why we consider that the relationship-design to be important.